The lemon is a evergreen fruit. That is available in every month of a year. It is yellow in colour. It is used for culinary ( having to do with cooking ) and non-culinary purpose.
The outer colour part of the peel of a lemon is also used in baking and cooking.
Lemons are just one example of the simple bounties ALLAH has provided us with. Although they may just be a “customary fruit,” they contain flavanoids, which are often referred to as ‘natures biological modifiers,’ because of their ability to modify the body’s reactions to other compounds such as: allergens, viruses and carcinogens.
The juice of the lemon contains about 5% of citric acid ( that is a rich source of vitamin C that is four times greater than in orange ) which gives lemon a sour taste. It’s sour taste makes it a main ingredient in drinks and foods for bitter taste.



1. CLEANING AGENT: The juice of emon may also used as a cleaning agent. Many detergent companies uses it in their products for cleaning purpose.
2. HELPS IN DIGESTION: Lemon mix in warm water also helps in digestion. The person who used to drink it can also get rid of heart bus, gas, abdominal cramps . Three – four squeezed in a glass of water also acts like a medicine in periods.
3. SKIN CARE: Lemon also helps to get rid of wrinkles and black head. Apply half lemon with 2-3 drops of honey over face every night for 5-10 minutes. You will start watching the result in a week.
4. DENTAL CARE: Juice of lemon also helps to stop bleeding immidiately. Pour 3-4 drops of lemon on a gum and chew it. It will help in minimizing the tooth pain. It also helps to finish the bad smell of mouth.
5. THROAT INFECTION: Squeezed half lemon in a cup of warm water nd gargle with it. It will helps in killing the bacterias of throat and also fight with problems related to throat infection.
6. WEIGHT LOSE: Squeezed one lemon in a glass of warm water and start drinking it regularly in an empty stomach. It will helps in weight lose.(Person less than 70 kg use half lemon where as person with weight more than 70 kg use one lemon for this tip).
7. CONTROL HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Lemon contains high potassium which helps in controling the high blood pressure.
8. BLOOD PURIFIER: Lemon is a good blood purifier. It purifies the blood with out any side effect.
9. RELIEVES FEVER: Lemon juice also helps to give relieve in fever and flu.
10. APPLY ON HAIRS: Apply lemon drops directly on hairs for shine. The one who wants to lighten his/her hair colour apply lemon drops and sit’s in sun shine for 10 minutes daily in a week. You will see the results. Add one lemon in water and take a shower with it to get rid of dandruff.

Regards: Muhammad Haris Khan


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